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2                                               TVTTO  OF
the castle of TegdL, betwoon Berlin and Spandau, throo
leagues north-woat of Berlin, in foo farm of tho royal
Woods and Iforosts. Tegol, had originally boon a
hunting soat of the groa;t "Khx'.tor, a,nd a royal hunt-
ing establishing!it was kopt thoro urnlor JHYodrrio tho
Grout. Thin castle has latterly bommo important to
the family, and, the .major made it a phu.'.e of tvtiru-
incvnt for hi« ago aftor Inn rusth^ss lilc*, huff was itufor-
tunately call cut away by an. xiut.hnoly (h^;ii.h. When
the seven yoa,rBJ wa,r was over, KVederie thn (Jin^al
inaclt^ Major vou lluiuboldt otu». of IUK (^lumitu'rlainH,
in 37(5/>, ami at the same time he was attendant
chamberlain on Klixa,luj(<h, the )u»wly-marn(i<l prinress
of Prussia,, and had on thai, a-c.muut t.o live in PutrS-
dain. Bill, wlu^u this unha,ppy marriage of Uu», pruuu*
of Prussia, was dissolved, and l-ho prine<\st4 luul lu»c*n
taken, to Stettin, the Major von Uumboldl, his Hervii^e
being over, exchangcwl Potsdam for Berlin^ and liv«*d
partly in tho <i,aji>ita1, a»nd in his tiei^hl^ouring
castle of To^ol. llt^ had, howxrvcu*, by no inc' lost
the favour of the prince, (subsequently Frodc^ric WiU
liana I1M) for ho visited him once annually in 1V#t»l ;
aixd it may Avith certaJmty bo Ktirmis<i<t, thn.t, had ihn
major survived the prince's accession to the throne, !H*
would have advanced him to an important position in
the* state, or perhaps oven have entrusted tiio forma-
tion of a inmtatry to hint,*
Major von llnnibohit wan inarritnl to Uuk widow of
a Baron von Holwtuk^ whoso 'nuiiilcu lutnto WJJM Vi»n
ColoBibj coiisiii of tins pri'nce.HH JBluohm\ tuul nlor«* of
the venerable president Von (Jolomb iu ,Auri<*h, Hint
liad a son by ber first tuarrtitget, who nerved an uflirer
iu the rcguuont of (,I<JUH (.runuoa Th«> family of
Coloml) comes frcmi Burgundy, wh<*r« it wuw VoU*-
brated for having orootod imniwnHt* glaSn workn; it
was obliged to omigratc% iu conHomu»iuu» of tho n*pt*al
of the edict of Nanton, and nottlou in lUn-inany.
Two sons wore l>om from tKo marriage of this Major
von Humboldt with the widowe<l Burononn von
wcde.    The oldest, William,*VaB bom m